Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It's late afternoon here my stomach aches very badly after a lunch at Taj Palace. Delhi's temperature is soaring with temperature hovering at 41C and people say this a prelude to the actual Delhi summer. I don't know how I will handle this season. I have been suffering from severe lack of sleep and my eyes are swollen like a tea-bag and a severe body ache. If given a chance I will crash at any random place. On the other side lot of thought just crowding my head randomly I feel I am stuck not knowing the way out and need directions but very particular with whom I offer to take one.
As much as I try to handle the situations they slip out and find their own way, which is sometimes very annoying. I fail to understand things and when I put up an explanation my folks don't get it and I end up looking like a moron. These sorts of things haven't happened in the past and it's all new to me and I am still learning my way out. I try my level best to put across my thoughts but I am unable to convince them. I sometimes feel life is an illusion and things are not like what they seem and I need a damn reality check. I try everyday to understand how people think, function, conduct, observe and react to a particular situation, but still I am back to square one where I began in the morning. I don't understand the logic or probably I am not able to figure it out or I am not looking at the right place. Hope this is a phase which will pass soon for better things ahead….Let's what awaits me in the future. As they say he future has a way of arriving unannounced.

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