Sunday, November 30, 2008

Terror unlimited

The last five days have been so far the most toughest days of my life......As usual i was down with few shots of smirnoff on wednesday night and rang up my friend in Mumbai to check upon her, we had a brief conversation wherin ther was a mention of bomb blast. i thought it was a routine stuff as we Indians are accustomed to blasts every day, all thanks to Home Minister and the impotent terror laws which tackle terror. I gingerly opened my eyes Thursday morning and checked the time, my cell displayed 9AM, thought i take a off and rang up my office for the leave. my colleague replied terrorist attack in Mumbai, you take a call if you wanna come or not and she hung thing what struck me was Iam journalist and i've to report....made some franatic calls to my friends in Mumbai and checked upon them all was fine....I was feeling stuffy couldn't imagine what was going on...i headed to office, by the time i reached office, i had made more than 20 call once again to check my friends as none of them were taking the calls. As i reached my office the news room was going crazy, i couldn't belive what unfolded for next 48 hours was a bloodbath. It was live on television for all of us to watch....the famous landmark Taj, oberoi, Trident , Nariman house and CST Mumbai were all attacked.
For the next 3 days i was glued to TV sets taking calls and helping out with stories at office. All i could infer from this attack was that these were not just illiterarte guys but professionally trained, remorseless and fully determined to make a maximum impact. These 20's something kids were well educated, clean shaven, smart enough who had done thier home work properly and engaged National Security guards and marine cammandos the most elitist security group in our country engaged for more than 48 hours in a fierce gun battle holding our country for ransom. we do know who is behind these attacks as we are also aware that "You cannot hide a broccoli in a glass of milk" . The pakistan government should come clean on this and take a firm stand.
It is high time we tackle this menace and implement strong terror laws and fight back these elements. we do not belive in resignations of the Home minister as he always stayed at home..., Maharashtra Chief Minister and other key domestic and national security officals. The need of the hour is a strong mechanism to handle this situation and be more proactive and ensure there is no profiling of any particular community. As the laws can target innocent people in name of terror and lead to communal differences. we all need to co-exist and sail through.


RDA said...

Anil, macha excellent post yaar. what u said its true. even if president of india resign, it won't make much difference. that is india. we need good leaders in first place. we are lacking that. "fuck u bloody politicians"

Namitha said...

Thoroughly agree. With both u n Richy. Aren't we tired of being helpless? We need a real-time Rang De Basanti in this country, not just movies, rallies and talks.

Btw, give ur blog some nice title--i mean the display title, which is right now just your name. Files of Life's nice, put that on display too. You can do that by going to Layout on the Dashboard of your blogger.


ra said...

Wow anil this is superb!!!! ya terrorism has to be routed out,but I don't know how. we need a good leader, clean system. Were to start cleaning, it so badly routed. 29/11 was a real terror.

Good job keep going :)