Monday, November 24, 2008

Well, i've completed six months as a veteran trainee journalist in this big city. I would put it that way. There were times when you were born, live, work, get married, have kids and die in the same city. Not anymore, escalating carrer, exposure, networking and urge to make it big all put together has made me head where my job is. That's what has happened to me.
I like the work here but away from home, friends, Bangalore people, filter kapi, Khodays rum, local pubs manage the day like a prince without a penny in pocket is something I have to sacrifice for working in Delhi.
Leaving the confines of my home with a good support system, IIJNM friends, ma guesthouse, pulling strings and getting your way are a distant dream. I have been learning to stay on my own, travelling in a metro, battle the cold, meeting the most uncivilized guys, haggle with the most craziest auto drivers, who sometime are under a impression of being the next F-1 drivers, crafting the art of hindi abuses, gay guys tryin to feel your ass in metro..huh...i am learning it all. I have always craved to work in Delhi and now 6 month old i am still learning……..
please note: This is my first post and forgive me for wrong grammar. Please feel free to air your opinions.


I said...

The grammar was not wrong even at one place... and if it was, the post was so wonderful that my eyes and brains just missed it!

Gay's feel your ass in the metro??? That's a first time news! I thought metro was for the little civilised lot of Delhi, but then being gay is sure not the poor man's domain!

GREAT that you started your blog! Consider me a regular here... I am always in for bloggers and I am sure this experience will value add to your life and living.

All the best and happy happy blogging.


Namitha said...

Congrats on ur blog... Forget grammar and spellings if ur writing is good and passionate (I did spot some mistakes, but come on dude, this is your blog, so can easily let you off...hehehe). Write regularly and express urself!

I've never been to Delhi. But I have moved out of my city, and been on my own--it's paradise. To learn life the tough way, out of comforts of home--it's good, buddy. Keep it up, and never say die!

sri said...

Hey Cool dude.

Good going and i if am not wrong u have used kannada phrases thats grt dude!


srinivasagowda said...

hi budding journalist.... I have read all of your posts...but this postis really touching.
i will be your permanent visiter keep writing....
and keep touching ass of those.....!!!