Monday, March 2, 2009


Its official, Elections have been announced for the 15th Lok Sabha they will be held in five phases from April 16 to May 13, Chief Election Commissioner N. Gopalaswami declared on Monday. The counting of votes will be held on May 16…. The model code of conduct has come into effect immediately. Which means no making any announcements such as free rice, TV, new trains, new projects and transfers of any government officials. As these announcements will influence the mind of voters.
The election will be spread across 28 states and 7 Union Territories and 542 constituencies. This is the first parliamentary election after delimitation exercise, which gives a chance for fresh and young faces. The first phase will cover 124 constituencies and will be held on April 16, second phase will be held on April 23 covering 141 constituencies, third phase will have covering 107 constituencies, similarly fourth and fifth phase will cover 85 and 60 constituencies respectively.
The 14th Lok Sabha term ends on June 1 2009, which technically means you should have a government constituted before 2nd June 2009 as per the constitution of India.
The country will have 8,28, 804 polling booths in 2009 election as against 6,87,402 booths in 2004 parliamentary elections, up 21.5%.
The entire election will be conducted with Photo Electroal photo identity card. If you don't have one do not panic you can take the ration card, driving license, passport but make sure it has your photo, not necessarily the recent photo like the ones Embassies ask for.
The entire election procedure will be conducted through Electronic Voting Machines, for people who don't know what it is the netas will elaborate more on this during campaign. There will be 11 lakh EVMs to cater the electoral needs. The Election commission has a back up of 3.38 lakh EVMs in case any of them fail during the elections.
The 2009 parliamentary elections will have a total of 71.40 crore voters with 4.30 crore of them will be virgin voter, with increase of 41% over 2004 last elections.

There is a constituency located in Gir forests (Gir lions) located in Junagadh district in Gujarat a state in Western India, which has only one voter and the EC has arranged a polling booth for the only citizen…. Which means election commission officials will have to travel with the police security, EVM and polling official overnight and camp in the local school and ask the expect the only citizen to caste his vote….
Likewise, in Chattisgarh state there is a polling station with only two voters and in Arunachal Pradesh 3 polling station with only three voters each and bear in mind this constituency is in midst of a rain forest.
Well, after the party is over its time to foot the bill. The elections will cost more than 10,000 crore rupees which is more than Barrack Obama and other candidates who collectively spent close to 8,000 crore rupees in the presidential elections, according to information available with the US Federal Election Commission.

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